Repaired and new ecu pictures (immagini di centraline elettroniche):

  1. Mitsubishi - Suzuki: injector driving failure, engine doesn't run

  2. PGM-FI: Honda ecu, failures on MAP reading, injection / ignition driving (Civic, Crx, Accord)

  3. Mitsubishi L200: cooling fan driving failure

  4. Nissan: problems with throttle body / air mass meter (micra)

  5. Fuji CVT: Speedgear auto-transmisson ecu problems (Punto, Subaru, Nissan)

  6. CDS: universal capacitive discharge electronic ignition

  7. HKZ: classic sporstcar ignition

  8. AEC103A: Early Marelli ignition ecu (mounted on Fiat / Ferrari Dino 6 cyl.)

  9. DINOPLEX: Marelli racing ignition (mounted on many Ferrari, as 512 M/F)

  10. DIGIPLEX: Marelli classic ignition MED801A (mounted on Ferrari 308 GTBi / Si Mondial 8)

  11. DIGIPLEX: Marelli classic ignition MED802 (Ferrari engines)

  12. DIGIPLEX: Marelli classic ignition MED805A (Ferrari engines)

  13. MICROPLEX: Marelli classic ignition ecu (mounted on Ferrari 208/308/328 and Lancia Thema 8.32)

  14. DZ: MB early ignition module (SL 350/450, combination with D-jetronic ecu)

  15. IAW 04F: fuel pump / injectors / ignition failure on banque 1 or 2 (Ferrari F40)

  16. IAW 011: fuel pump / injectors / ignition failure on banque 1 or 2 (Ferrari GTO)

  17. IAW 16F / 18F: immobilizer (Fiat Cinquecento-Seicento-Punto-Tempra-Palio, Lancia Y-N.Delta)

  18. IAW 1AF: ignition driving failure (Fiat Bravo/a, Marea, Palio, Lancia Delta)

  19. IAW P8: one or more injectors driving failure (Dedra, Delta, Tipo, Coupé)

  20. IAW 1AP.40/41/80/81: power supply relè driving failure - ignition commands failure (106, 206, Saxo, Xsara)

  21. IAW 48P2.xx: ecu power-loss failure (106, 206, 307, 406, Saxo, Xsara, C2, C3, C5 euro3 models)

  22. IAW 6LP.xx: euro4 STmicro-based ecu for french cars (can be programmed with ProG)

  23. IAW 49F: random ignition command failure

  24. IAW 4EM: ignition command failure on 1 or more cylinders (Maserati 3200 GT CF3)

  25. IAW 59F: ignition command failure on 2 cylinders

  26. IAW 5NF: software upgrade (Stilo, Palio)

  27. IAW 5SF: Grande Punto / New Bravo 1400 ecu (software upgrade)

  28. IAW 15M: bike & scooter injection ecu (Ducati, Guzzi, Piaggio, Aprilia)

  29. IAW 5AM: bike injection ecu (cf3 engines Ducati, Guzzi, MVAgusta)

  30. IAW MIU1: meccatronic interface unit, new euro3 maxi scooter injection ecu (Vespa, Beverly, X8, X9, MP3)

  31. IAW 16M: bike injection ecu - multiple driving failures (on MV, Ducati, Guzzi)

  32. IAW 7BM: euro3 bike injection ecu - 8 injectors driving (mounted on MV F4 m.y.10 and Aprila RSV4)

  33. Marelli 8GMF: gasoline euro5 ecu for 1400 MultiAir engines (GDI + valves control)

  34. EFI Euro1: low-cost competition ecu

  35. Marelli IAW 90: competition ecu mounted on Lancia, Fiat and Ferrari classic racing cars ('80s-'90s)

  36. Marelli MF4: competition ecu

  37. Marelli Marvel4: motorbike application on factory 675 Daytona (WSS)

  38. Marelli SRT-E: competition engine control unit - applied to Peugeot 207 N/S2000

  39. Marelli SDC: Synaptic Damping Control system ecu

  40. Marelli Moto2: 2019 electronic control system Kit for MotoGP

  41. AMC6NC: slew box operating on Marelli engine simulator with a SRT-E racing ecu

  42. Das: competition data acquisition system ecu

  43. Tag300: Mclaren engine controller and data logger

  44. Mitsubishi efi: Yamaha motorbike engine control unit

  45. Denso cdi: Yamaha ignition ecu (fails mainly on Virago and Tenerè models)

  46. Denso 2018 Hybrid system

  47. Simos2: ecu power-loss, idle regulator failure (Skoda Felicia, VW Golf, Audi A3)

  48. Simtec70: co-fired ceramic ems; bad MAF and temperature reading (Astra, Vectra, Zafira)

  49. Siemens VDO Simtec75: Multiair engines ecu, mounted on 1800cc.

  50. Siemens / Sagem Safir / Marelli SFR200: ecu power-loss, fuse burning (Twingo, Clio2)

  51. Siemens / Continental M3C: Ducati MY10 bikes (es. M696)

  52. Siemens / Continental M3C: engine ecu on Ducati Scambler MY16

  53. Sirius 32: general / ignition / idle command failure (Clio, Megane, Scenic, Mini)

  54. Delco rochester: software upgrade - code data failure

  55. Delco Multec s: ignition command failure on 1 or all cylinders (Corsa, Astra, Tigra, Vectra, Zafira 16v from '00)

  56. Rover MEMS: ignition loss, MAP reading failure (111/114, 214/216, 414/416)

  57. PMS / HMF: mercedes engines ecu failure, loss of ignition on 1 or more cylinders (MB 200 E)

  58. ML3.1: injectors or ignition driving failure (Porsche 911)

  59. M1.7: ignition module driving failure on 1 or more cylinders (Alfa 155, Lancia Thema / K, Fiat Punto GT)

  60. M2.7: Bosch Motronic unit on 80s Ferrari car; many malfunctions repair

  61. M3.1: ignition or injection driving failure on 1 or more cylinders (BMW 320/325, 520/525 E36/E34 6 cyl. models)

  62. ME2.1: kompressor driving failure (early CLK and SLK models)

  63. ME3.1: throttle body (drive by wire) driving failure (156, Bravo/a)

  64. ME7.8: DBW Porsche ecu (996, Boxster)

  65. ME9.2: valvetronic ecu, based on MPC555 processor

  66. MED17.3.1: euro5 Turbobenzina 1750cc. Alfa engine

  67. MSA15: VAG Diesel ecu. Internal pressure sensor failure (all Audi, Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda Tdi euro1 engines)

  68. MS3.1: Bosch motorport ecu (Porsche 997 GT Cup)

  69. EDC15c2/c3: ecu data error (all PSA 2000 HDI)

  70. EDC15c5: ecu failure on MB CDi engines, no injectors driving (A class, C class, E class)

  71. EDC15c7: ecu internal error (capacitor 1 / 2) engine doesn't start (Fiat, Alfa e Lancia 1900 Jtd)

  72. EDC16c8/9: reprogramming data failure; ecu eeprom error (Fiat, Alfa, Lancia multijet engines 1900 / 2400)

  73. EDC16+: reprogramming / upgrade data failure (Ford 1600 TDCi euro4)

  74. DDE7: flash eprom 29BL802CB

  75. Bike Motronic: 2015 mini bike (India) engine ecu

  76. EEC-V: ignition command failure on two or all cylinders (Fiesta, Focus, Mondeo)

  77. Body computer: int. / ext. lights, service

  78. Delphi HV5: recovery for bad MAF sensor reading (Opel 1700 Dti ecu likes to drink diesel gasoil)

  79. Delphi power module: diesel Isuzu pump failure (Opel 1700 Dti)

  80. Delphi Delco MT35E ecu (Opel euro5 gasoline engines)

  81. Visteon V347/8 : euro4 Ford / Fiat diesel engines ecu (Ducato 2200)

  82. Fomoco PCM150 : Ford / Mazda engine ecu - ignition command failure (Escape, Maverick, Tribute)

  83. Lucas DCU3F: data failure, power-loss (Punto, Palio, Doblò 1900 D)

  84. Secma X500: tune up your fun veichle ecu (private use)

  85. ABS Bosch 5.3: VAG group brake system (ABS, ASR, ESP)

  86. ABS Bosch 9: 2 channel ecu module on Scrambler Ducati

  87. Temic: Fiat and PSA group AirBag ecu

  88. Delphi EPS: electronic power sterring (engine failure on city steering for 188 Punto models)

  89. Becker: Mercedes SL 129 Folding Top control unit (failure on capote - soft top roof command)

  90. Siemens VDO VIC: DAF Hazard warning / direction indicator lights system failure from Vehicle Intelligenge Centre

  91. EBC460 Bosch premium hybrid Electronic Brake Control

  92. Bosch 2018 demo engine management system

  93. 2018 Electronic Control Unit with transparent ecu box (bottom)

  94. VAG future BEV (ID on MEB) Battery element and electronic module

  95. VAG BEV (ID on MEB) Electric Engine

  96. BMW iPerformance (Plug-in Hybrid) Battery module

  97. Hybrid car electric module

  98. Continental VE80 ecu Euro6D (on Stellantis Battery Electric Vehicle)

  99. VDO Mercedes idle ecu

  100. Bosch Mercedes Door-lock module 

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Notice: these examples simply certify you that we really repair electronic control units (and don't easily substitute your one with used parts like many people does).